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VersaDeck brochure
VersaDeck: Multi-use platform for tractors' 3 point hitch and front end loader


VersaDeck is a multi-purpose platform which connects to a tractor rear 3 point hitch, front 3 point hitch or front end loader.

Examples of what you can carry:
- Tool Box
- Supplies: fuel - chemicals - seeds - twine - Round bale nets
- ATV or UTV
- Spare parts
- Hunting game
- Logs
- Materials: soil, gravel, cement
- Maintenance gears

The possibilities are endless!

VersaDeck cab view
VersaDeck platform, view from tractor cab

VersaDeck platform on front end loader
VersaDeck on front end loader




Autonomy at work:
Have your operation's support equipment always on hand where you need them ?
Carry ATV or UTV:
No more need for a pick-up to drive back to the farm when needed
Ballast with useful products, not dedicated dead weight: Save money
Get to all areas accessible by tractor

ATV on VersaDeck platform GATOR on 3 point hitch platform VersaDeck
VersaDeck carrying ATV or UTV


A) Foldable sides that work as loading ramps

VersaDeck bare box and side folded down

B) Numerous tie down points and strapping holes to secure carried load

C) Bracket for winch installation

Bracket for winch installation

D) Beveled front edge for easier loading and use of a winch

E) Universal mount back plate for compatibility with:
-Cat 2, Car 3N, Cat 3W, Cat 4N 3 point hitches and Quick couplers
-Euro quick connect loader interface

VersaDeck quick connect loader interface

Note: Loader and 3 point hitch connection can be installed simultaneously for readiness of operation with 3point hitches or Front end loaders

F) John Deere quick connect loader interface

G) Skid steer connect interface.

Professionalism at work: Attention to details

- Staggered pins for side panel pivot points with only one engaging at a time, thus greatly simplifying panels’ installation.

- Retainer bracket on side panel allowing for free sliding only when panels are opened 15-20°.
This eliminates need for retainers such as hair pin, locking pin or bolt: ease of operation and no risk of part loss

- Optimized bottom channels shape design to spread the load for superior reliability while allowing great load carrying capacity (3300 Lbs).

- High grade steel frame for weight reduction while offering great load carrying capacity.

- Winch and battery bracket mount outboard, thus retain full loading access and capacity on the platform.

VersaDeck Battery + Winch

- High quality powder coating for long lasting protection.

- Anti–slip deck surface.

- Unique 3 point hitch mount design: One kit fits all Cat 2, Cat3N, Cat3W and Cat4N with bushing to match pins diameters.

- Removable front posts for minimized shipping cost.

VersaDeck Battery + Winch
VersaDeck with winch and battery carrying UTV

VersaDeck ties down point and strapping holes

VersaDeck Loading of mobile Wedler with winch

VersaDeck DEERE Loader interface

VersaDeck channel point junction

VersaDeck bare box down and side removed

Manufacturing Site

1824 Lincoln St.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Laforge USA factory

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